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What is a moroccan leather pouf?

What is a Moroccan leather pouf? The general public has asked that question even when they have the leather pouf at their home.

Many people don’t know the name or just aren’t aware that a small piece of upholstery is called a leather pouf

In today’s article, we will discuss what is a leather pouf, how to care for it, and how to refill your leather puff at home with ease.  

Over the centuries, Morocco has facilitated numerous developments, religions, and societies. During this time, it has intertwined social viewpoints from every one of these civilizations – Berbers, Arabs, Romans, Spanish, African - just as increasingly inaccessible ones it exchanged with to make its energetic, rich, shifted, and motivation North African culture.

Moroccan cowhide poufs are a continuation of this pattern and are at times known as Moroccan ottomans, about the better-known Turkish adaptation. 

At whatever point we consider Moroccan calfskin poufs, cowhide and hues are the things that strike a chord.

As per the definition, a "Pouf is a major pad which is utilized as a hassock or a low seat". In the advanced time, poufs are the seats comprised of dabs to give comfort.



Moroccan poufs have demonstrated famous as an out of control, rich seating thought. They are mixed, down to earth, and articulation making and appear to show up wherever at this moment 

Moroccan poufs have the bit of leeway that they look incredible when put in any stylistic layout style, coordinating or confused.

They look incredible nearby other Moroccan Décor, similar to carpets, furniture, and floor pads. The trendiest high-quality stylistic theme as of late is the Moroccan calfskin, hand sewed pouf.

It joins vintage with polish to make a remarkable climate in any room and raise the mind-set. Cowhide poufs can be utilized in a few different ways.



Moroccan poufs are of high quality for Marrakesh Gardens by skilled workers in Morocco. Tanneries fix creature stows away with the assistance of hundreds of years old normal and customary strategies and crude fixings.

The dim chocolate gets done with the normal tan causes them to look and to feel unimaginable. There are a few stages in making a Moroccan pouf, for example, setting up the calfskin, at that point shading it, and sewing the pouf with sabra silk.




Cowhide is impervious to stains. Spots and spills can be effortlessly evacuated with the assistance of a marginally clammy or clean dry material.

You ought to never utilize shines, cleansers, and other cleaning items to clean them; simply utilize a little water and a spotless fabric.

The cowhide is regular, a few defects and imperfections are normal and are what makes each piece one of a kind. We don't utilize substance while fixing the color in the calfskin, the solid smell of cowhide is characteristic - yet you can blur this smell via airing the poufs for some time.




The most effective method to Fill Your Moroccan Pouf – 3 Ways


The inquiry we get posed to the regularly is: "How would I fill my Moroccan Pouf?" Well, today we are at last going to share the entirety of our tips to make your pouf round, full and excellent, much the same as in our photos.

Before I share these 3 distinct strategies to top off your pouf, let me mention to you what the most widely recognized error is. Individuals simply don't top off their poufs enough! 

Note: For those of you who fear to top off a pouf, don't stress!! There's a zipper at the base of the pouf which makes it truly simple to top off.

Delivery a pouf with filling would cost a fortune, to keep up our costs, we want to manage you through the procedure to make your experience simpler.


Fill your Moroccan pouf with polyester stuffing (or pad filling). 

This is likely the least demanding approach to fill your pouf. I suggest utilizing two 20-ounce packs (or 3 lbs.) of polyester stuffing*. (Much the same as this one) You can presumably discover some at your neighborhood texture store. 

*This is for a standard pouf size of around 21″ in distance across and 12″ high, similar to our exemplary poufs. 

Significant: This kind of stuffing will top off your pouf pleasantly, be that as it may, it won't make it hardened enough for you to sit easily, Use polyester stuffing if you intend to utilize your pouf just as a stylistic theme component, on the off chance that it is just to be utilized by a kid, or if it is just to be utilized to kick up your feet.

In these cases, 2 sacks of poly-fill would work impeccably. 

Fill your Moroccan pouf with unused dress and materials you can discover around your home.

This is my preferred technique regardless of whether it expects you to do a touch of cleaning up in your storage rooms and discover every one of those ideal materials to make your pouf overwhelming and full.


Check out the house for unused materials, for example,


  • Old pants you're done wearing


  • Sweaters


  • Old children dress


  • Cushions you're done utilizing


  • Shower towels you're done utilizing


Get extra focuses on the off chance that you have an old duvet you don't have the foggiest idea how to manage!


I let it out requires a little exertion and you need a lot of things to top off your pouf, however, doesn't it feel great to clean up and give another life to unused stuff? This is the best filling technique in case you're wanting to utilize your pouf as a low seating option. These various materials will make your pouf overwhelming and consistent enough to sit on it.


Tip: You've utilized each old pair of pants, all the unused towels and pads you have around the house and your pouf is as yet missing a touch of volume? You can include a touch of polyester stuffing to make it round. To get that lovely round pouf shape, you have to top it off as far as possible!


Fill your Moroccan pouf utilizing IKEA FJADRAR plume cushions.


Our most loved IKEA pads ever are FJADRAR embeds loaded up with duck plumes. They are too comfortable and stout and the value/quality proportion is right on the money. There are two sizes and the greater 26″ supplements work best to fill a Moroccan pouf.


You'll require three 26″ FJADRAR* IKEA quill pads to make your pouf sufficiently substantial to sit on. Three additions will make your pouf round and all around filled. It's somewhat pricier than utilizing polyester stuffing, however, it makes the pouf increasingly agreeable and it's an easy decision since basically everybody has an IKEA store close by.


*Important: Make sure you get the supplements loaded up with plumes and not the less expensive ones that are loaded up with polyester. The polyester ones won't work for this reason.


In case you're a Moroccan Decor fan, you are almost certain you own a Moroccan Leather pouf, if not more than one. It is truly, chic and agreeable, so I wager you are thinking about how are you expected to deal with it and keep it fit as a fiddle.


Dread not, we are here today to control you in a couple of simple strides to show "How to deal with your Moroccan Leather Ottoman".




The beneficial thing about Moroccan Leather Poufs is that they will keep going to you for an extended period before requiring genuine consideration. Nonetheless, when they do require consideration, they ought to be given rapidly.

Regardless of whether you utilize your Pouf as additional seating, an ottoman, or an incidental table, utilize these tips to deal with your Moroccan Leather Pouf to assist it with enduring you a long time.




  • Utilize a dry microfibre material, and wipe consistently to expel any residue or earth gathered through use. Then again, give it a vacuum now and again, with a delicate brush connection.


  • Try not to utilize hard brushes, for example, scour brushes and coarse brushes. These can leave profound harming scratches on your pouf, which can be hard to evacuate later.


  • Utilize dry fabric promptly on dry spills. If it stains, utilize a delicate material with a little warm refined water.


  • At the point when you happen to have any kind of clingy buildup on the pouf, take a stab at scouring the influenced territory with an eraser. Or on the other hand, in case you're managing something more grounded. Go to your neighborhood squeezing and request to apply some calfskin well disposed of dissolvable to the expel it.


  • Before utilizing any calfskin cleaning item, test it first on a little recognize that is generally not noticeable (the underside is most likely the best). Recollect abstaining from cleaning items that are not prompted for calfskin.


  • To guarantee the shade of your pouf doesn't blur, get it far from direct daylight, however, make a point to air it out now and then.


  • Likewise, do whatever it takes not to put your pouf close to any warmth source. This will keep the calfskin from evaporating out and breaking.


  • While cleaning, use calfskin conditioner a couple of times each year. Give great consideration to the top where individuals sit and put their feet up. Molding two or three times each year will keep the cowhide delicate and graceful.


  • The cowhide has pores, and the abuse of water can prompt recoloring which could demonstrate hard to evacuate. In this way, abstain from drenching your pouf with water and cleanser!


  • To keep your calfskin free of scratched and profound scars, don't let your pet sit on top as their hooks can scratch the cowhide. In case you're utilizing your Pouf as a footrest, make certain to take off your shoes as any clasps, catches, and metal can likewise harm the cowhide.


  • Utilizing your pouf as an easygoing serving table for tea or espresso is certainly a smart thought. In any case, try to put a little towel or a spread down first to maintain a strategic distance from any spilling and to get the warmth of the cups far from the calfskin.


  • With time and use, your pouf may begin to droop making the cowhide wrinkle. To maintain a strategic distance from or moderate this issue, make a point to stuff within appropriately so it looks incredible outwardly.



And that concludes our article for today. I hope you had fun reading about this amazing upholstery which has many uses such as; a table, a bench, maybe for seating or even for storage and sometimes footrest.

The leather pouf can also be used as a stool or just kept in a room as a part of décor. The most amazing use would definitely be that for pets, you can easily let your pet chill on this instead of the couch!

Now, whenever someone asks you, “What is a Moroccan leather pouf?” when it is right in front of them.

You can share your knowledge and tell them all about the pouf that you found out today. It is always easier to know the name of upholstery in your home than to be rendered speechless when someone asks you about it.

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