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What is Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket?

What is a Moroccan pom pom blanket? This is our today's article theme.  

Moroccan materials are having an enormous second in the home stylistic layout: Beni Ourain Berber carpets, Moroccan wedding covers (as tosses, inside decorations, floor coverings), and, while people normally love both of those, another complement has their heart: the pom cover.  

These aren't simply normal old pom-poms; they are massive pom-poms (and tufts).

Utilized on beds and couches by admirers of the bohemian look, people are explicitly attracted to them in light of the fact that, as much as Many people love the boho stylish, it's simply not clean enough according to the general public, so the Moroccan pom cover includes only enough of that lighthearted anything-goes vitality.  

Customarily made of Berber fleece, this style of cover can likewise be found in lighter pieces of cotton (in the event that you live in a warm atmosphere as I do, and not the freezing cold Atlas Mountains).

Regardless of their material cosmetics however, one of these wonders may discover their way into my room soon enough.

These blankets set up a little beautiful sight and gathered together a bunch of extraordinary shopping choices to bring the "it" adornment home yourself.  

Situated in the core of the old Medina of Marrakech, the makers' values uniting the information and experience of 2 societies, an expert and enthusiastic group of Berbers and Europeans.

Berber craftsmen are the creators of every one of our products and the imaginative vitality that saturates each progression of the assembling procedure.

They contribute their abundance of information on nearby materials and their interesting and exceptionally refined high-quality aptitudes that have been passed on through numerous ages.  

Close by them a group of Europeans who have an eye for the special, one-off, very good quality pieces, structuring new assortments that are right now slanting in the West and guaranteeing that every single thing is created to the best quality of greatness and quality.  

These pom covers, despite the fact that look exceptionally proficient and are difficult to make, however, there is a bit by bit manual to make them at home, similar to a DIY venture. numerous individuals appreciate certain tasks like these which is the reason the strategy is told underneath on the best way to make a pom cover at home.  


Subsequent to squashing on the covers, got done with the feathery balls, seen around the web, it has been realized that many needed to endeavor to DIY one and when might be a superior time than the winter season?

Simply envision – long, chilly winter nighttimes, spent on the couch enveloped with your new delicate spread, drinking pondered wine and perusing a book. Sounds like an ideal arrangement to me.

If you've never made pom poms yourself, you will be astounded how simple it is, utilizing this straightforward strategy. See! 


You will require: 


  • card box 
  • yarn in the shading coordinating your sweeping/spread 
  • scissors 
  • string and needle.
  • pencil 


What's more, here are two basic methods to make cushy balls yourself: 


Step by step instructions to make Pom-poms: 


  1. We will begin by removing the 2 round shapes, you find in the image underneath – the size of the circle will decide the size of the pom so make a point to choose before how huge you need them to be. 


  1. Spot 2 cardboard circles before you. 


  1. Cut a yarn string of around 10-15 cm, and spot it in the focal point of one of the circles. 


  1. Spot the subsequent hover on the first, ensuring, the yarn is dangling from the two sides. 


  1. Take the yarn and begin folding it over the cardboard circles, ensuring it's wrapped uniformly. Watch out for the different sides of the string, we put in the center with the goal that they don't get lost. 


  1. When you've folded a considerable lot of yarn over the circles, cut it out. 


  1. Take two finishes which we put in the circles and tie them. (Tie just one bunch now) 


  1. Hold the circles together and begin cutting the yarn at the edges of the cardboard. 


  1. Now, you can straighten out the focal point of the pom by making a subsequent bunch. 


  1. Expel the cardboard circles and trim your pom. 


The most effective method to Make a Tassel Out of Yarn: 


  1. Wrap the yarn firmly around 3-4 fingers (contingent upon how enormous you need your tufts to be). The more yarn you use, the fluffier your decorations will be. 


  1. Get the yarn through your fingers. 


  1. Tie a solid bunch at the highest point of the yarn. 


  1. Take your scissors and cut the entirety of the "circles" around your yarn. 


Join to the cover: 


Utilizing needle and string, sew pom-poms, and tufts to the edge of your sweeping, leaving around 5-10cm separation between them.



And this is how you make a pom pom blanket at home. There are many other ways to make a pom pom blanket at home, you can even knit a pom pom blanket and it is very easy.

Next time someone asks who, What is a Moroccan Pom Pom Blanket? You will not only be able to answer that question wistfully but also explain to them how easy it is to make on at home.  

These pom pom blankets are very much available everywhere online and even in-store furniture or beddings shop. one can easily access the amazing Moroccan pom pom blankets from different upholstery shop online and get them delivered without much of a hassle. 

Other than their great availability, they are also very easy to clean.

Moroccan pom pom blankets are washable but dry cleaning is preferred. the washing machine can only be used in case there is an option or setting of cleaning fragile material as pom-pom blankets are very fragile and even with a little force and pressure, they can come apart.

So, most often than not, Moroccan pom pom blankets are preferred to be dry cleaned or hand washed. 

Another great deal about Moroccan pom pom blankets is that they are very useful during winter. they don't just give your house a nice aesthetic (we shall come to that later) but they also provide great heat and are baby-friendly.

They are so soft and comfortable, putting them on your child when the baby is in deep slumber, will prove to be more helpful than you can think. 

Talking about aesthetics, pom pom blankets can be used as a throw blanket on your couch, to give the room a homely touch, it can be adorned on the wall of your living room, giving it a nice luxurious look or can be put on your clean white bedsheets as a perfect comforter. 

Many people love to use the pom-pom blanket as an over the top, table cover as well. Imagine having a pure white or black glass table and the silvery thread work on top of it with beautiful pom-poms hanging on the sides. Ah! the visuals...

So, in all generosity, Moroccan pom pom blankets can be used in multiple places as multiple items. This gives the blanket an amazing variety.

Other than the uses of the blanket, the Moroccan pom pom blanket can make an amazing gift.

For instance, your mother's birthday is coming up and you have no idea what to give her! Mothers are naturally very strict with their birthday gifts even when they say they love everything their child offers them. But you want to make her happy right!

Giving your mother than amazing Moroccan pom pom blanket will be a great idea, because why not? The blanket is one thing you can never have enough in the house and a blanket with such diversity is always welcomed by any mother. I can bet on it.

You can gift this blanket to your aunt, your friends, family, and pretty much everyone or every occasion, except mostly children. they would call you boring if you gift them one of these, simply because they do not know what to do with it.


The DOs and DONTs of Moroccan pom pom blankets 

Caring for your Moroccan pom pom blanket is very necessary, otherwise, this fragile piece of upholstery which is magnificent in many ways can slither away.  


  • It is strictly recommended to dry clean the blanket unless stated otherwise.
  • For when the blanket is being hand washed please make sure to use gentle, non-bleach laundry cleanser with less amount than advised on the container at the most temperature of 30°C.
  • After the blanket is washed please make sure to hang it on the line and let it dry out completely.
  • If the need arises, the blanket can be ironed but with extreme caution as to not burn it.
  • For stains or marks which are hard to remove, please consult a professional 



  • Do not let the stains or liquified marks dry out on the blanket.
  • Please do not rub the stains to remove them, instead use professional help or dry cleaning. 
  • It is strictly advised to not use a laundry softener on the blanket.
  • Do not tumble dry the blanket after it is washed, instead, air dry it. 
  • It is advised to not wash the blanket with other fabrics as it may ruin the quality of the blanket.

Now that we have discussed the dos and the don'ts of the pom-pom blanket, it will be relatively easier for you to care for your blanket in the best way possible, after all, everything requires a touch of love and care to last longer.

Next on the discussion list would be the other type of Moroccan blankets. While the pom-pom blanket is the most famous and widely known blanket which is produced in Morocco, this Country is housing many amazing blanket designs that are yet to be spotlighted.


Chefchaouen colourful wool blankets:

Chefchaouen is a city in Morocco, which is famous for its blue-hued buildings. The woven rugs and beautifully colored blankets of wool are widely known and made in this city of Morocco.

This blanket is not available anywhere other than in the country and it is the handicraft passed down generation to generation for the people of the city. 

These wool blankets were made of silk before. But, it was changed to wool because the city produces wool in an amazing quantity. 

The Riffi blankets, which are used by the ladies of Rif, are made with the color combination of reds, blues, and a touch of whites. 


Wool Embroidered Blankets:

Another reason why the blankets from Chefchaouen are famous because of the striking embroidery skills the people possess which shows their amazing spirit relating to the traditional handicrafts. 

The wool embroidered blankets are also very famous around the world and mostly available in Morocco. The middle of this blanket or bedsheet is adorned with a medallion looking embroidery and the four corners as well. 

This embroidery gives the blanket a smooth, luxurious but also elegant look.  

One can go on and on about the amazing handicrafts of Morocco but alas! sometimes words are not enough. I will list the names of some more amazing handicrafts down below:


  • Mendil
  • Berber Blankets
  • Moroccan wedding blankets.
  • Kilim Blankets


This shall conclude the article. Do you feel like you have traveled through Morocco?

The tradition and handicraft of the country is nothing to scoff at and the amazing Moroccan Pom pom blanket are just the touch of Marakish culture. Truly, Morocco is a country of deep history and amazing tradition.

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